Q: Do I need Sunscreen for my swimming lessons?

A: NO. One of the big bonuses of INDOOR Swimming Lessons is the protection from dangerous UV Rays from the sun. Therefore, no sunscreen protection is necessary.

Q: Is there any changing facilities and/or showers?

A: YES. There are changing facilities and shower facilities available, as well as lockers to store your gear if desired. Our swimming facility is housed inside a new state of the art physical fitness center. All of the facilities are clean, new, and well designed.

Q: What equipment should I bring to the lessons?

A: All you need to bring to your lesson is a swimsuit, towel, and a desire to swim! There is no requirement to bring any additional training gear or equipment. If you normally wear swimming goggles then please bring them with you to your lesson. If you do not have goggles we have an ample supply of them for you to borrow and wear during your lesson. We provide all other swimming aids, training gear, boards, etc., including water toys for the little people during break time.

Q: Is there FREE Parking?

YES. There is plenty of free parking all around the training complex.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: You may pay for your lesson plan in advance with either cash or personal check. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

Q: Is the first lesson always free?

A: YES. Whether or not you choose to continue, your first lesson is always free, and without any further financial obligation. There are no hooks or fine print. When we say free, we mean totally free and without any cost to you whatsoever. Our “First Lesson Free” Program allows you to try our service and then evaluate your future options. From time to time we offer additional marketing programs so please check our website for the latest specials.

Q: Is your service guaranteed?

A: YES. Our passion is teaching and training students in the art of swimming. Your child will learn to swim or your money will be refunded in full. Our staff of Red Cross Certified swim instructors always go the extra distance to make sure your child benefits from our programs. NO other swimming outfits in this area offer any type of guarantee on their services.

Q: Is your pool heated?

A: YES. Our pool is located indoors and the water temperature is maintained at a constant 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimal temperature for comfort. Additionally, we have a new state of the art water filtration system which keeps the water crystal clear.

Q: Is there seating available at the pool?

A: There is limited poolside seating available for the parents/guardians of the swimmers. However, there is ample standing room.

Q: Is my child safe?

A: YES. All of our staff are Red Cross Certified swim instructors and ultra vigilant with water safety. We maintain pool discipline in a fun and relaxed setting. Every inch of our training pool can be seen from every part of the pool area, so there are no blind spots. The maximum water depth of the entire training pool is approximately 40 inches of crystal clear warm water. Your child will be fully supervised and cared for 110% of the time! We treat your loved ones just like they are one of our own. Additionally, we fully encourage parents/guardians to remain poolside.

Q: Is their any specific age range?

A: NO. We train people to swim and have successfully accomplished our mission for over 16 years. You are never too old to learn to swim, and never too young to try. We have taught babies, toddlers, preschoolers, adolescents, adults, and seniors of all chronological ages. All ages are most welcome, from small to tall!

Q: Do you train competitive athletes?

A: YES. We have successfully trained many swimming athletes for technique improvements in their off-seasons. Some of our competitive swimmers have been summer students for many years. Unlike any other area swim program, we can offer a full range of aerobic weight and strength training side by side with your swimming training, All of our swim instructors are also NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM Certified Sports Specialists. Our physical fitness gym adjoins the pool area so you can be assured of a multi-faceted approach both in and out of the water. A small investment now in a high school swim regiment may reap huge rewards with a college athletic scholarship later.

Q: Do you offer Group “Learn to Swim” Classes?

A: YES. We offer affordable private, semi-private, and group classes. Our group classes normally average four students in the under 5 years of age category. In the older age group categories we normally average five to seven students depending on skill level. Some students perform optimally and learn faster when the group dynamic is present, while others may find personal instruction is more their speed.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?

A: YES. We offer a range of private lesson packages in both 30 minute and 60 minute sessions which are scheduled for your convenience.

Q: Is your program focus solely “Learn to Swim”?

A: NO. Our primary focus at Cogua Aquatics is teaching “Learn to Swim” programs. However, all of our Red Cross Certified staff are also NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM Certified Sports Specialists. When we are not in the water swimming we are training people for various aspects of physical fitness: weight-loss, general fitness, strength training, aerobics, fitness maintenance, etc. In the past we have combined swim programs with fitness programs with outstanding results. If you are interested in more than just swimming we can provide a complete and personalized solution to your fitness goals, Our swimming facility is housed inside a state of the art physical fitness and rehabilitation facility. We can offer a combined approach with a customized program based on your goals.

Q: Are you insured?

A: YES. Unlike the majority of the home-based swim programs in the area, we are a fully insured commercial establishment focused on teaching the fundamentals of swimming and training. Unfortunately, this is a very important point which is usually overlooked when evaluating a swimming program. For your protection and peace of mind, our insurance policies and riders are fully compliant with all California business statutes and requirements. Additionally, our facility meets and/or exceeds all local water quality regulations and statutes so you are assured of a safe and healthy pool environment.

Q: Do you offer Mommy and/or Daddy and Me Classes?

A: YES. We provide an assortment of options for the very young swimmer including parental participation. We encourage parental participation in most swimmers less than eighteen months of age.

Additional Questions, Comments, Uncertainties?

Please feel free to call us or email us and we will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner. You can reach us by phone at 909-227-1845, or by email: info@CoguaAquatics.com … or send us a message using our convenient Online Contact Form.

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