"You Don't Think It Can Happen To Your Kid ...
Until It's Too Late"

Learning This One Skill Could Save Your Child's Life

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BACK FLOAT is the #1 simple technique that you can teach your own child (children) in 10 minutes or less with this video: You will be amazed

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These Techniques Can Be Taught in 10 Minutes or Less

Strictly for the purpose of water survival. In this Video you are going to learn the most important skill to water safety (BACK FLOAT)


  • Everybody knows that when our faces are under water we cannot breathe, But what not everybody realizes is that in the only position that we can relax and breathe is on our Backs.
  • This SKILL MUST be memorized in our brain and in our muscles to make it our first nature reaction to know how to survive in a water situation.
  • If you practice these techniques, in case your kids fall in the water at any given time their automatic reaction will be, the skills needed to roll to their back and float until someone comes and helps.

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