Thank you for taking action and helping us with our mission to avoid drowning cases

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Step #1: Watch this video and implement this life saving technique.

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"I highly recommend the Cogua Aquatics Swim School to all of you. We were recommended to Cogua Aquatics through my husband's co-workers, all in law enforcement fields. Our daugther Kaitlyn started with tears and fear of the pool and water in july of 2010. Eight months later my dauther loves to swimm and enjoys her attentive and dedicated teacher, Giovanni Cogua. His staff also did a terrific job along with his dedicated wife that did all the scheduling for us. Communication with Mrs. Cogua was above and beyond. Cogua Aquatics changed our daughter's life. I'm honored to share our personal experience with Cogua Aquatics with all of you. It's well worth the money and time that will live in your child's life forever!

Thank you Mr and Mrs. Cogua for conducting terrific safety and professional swim techniques for our daughter. We are grateful to you for providing confidence to our daughter's expectations in swimming!"

Thank you, Sam & Rose Ling

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