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Waterparks are great fun for the whole family! As with any outing, it is important to plan ahead. Here are great tips on making your next visit to the water park a great day THE DAY BEFORE Check times for the park and plan to be there 30 minutes before park opens. It’s easier to […]

The many benefits of baby swimming lessons…

There are many benefits of baby swim lessons Chino Hills.  We know, it may be nerve wrecking for some parents to consider introducing swimming lessons for their babies. Actually, infants can start swimming from birth!  Once you decide to start your baby’s lessons, please do keep in mind pool temperature is very important, as babies […]

Prevent Drowning in the Winter

Kids can drown in the winter too! Children drown without a sound in just a few seconds. Even more alarming is that drowning can occur with a household full of adults and kids. The unfortunate presumption that someone else is watching, can prove tragic. We need your help with Cogua Aquatics’ mission, and commitment, to […]