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Give Your Child Confidence in the Water

Please help us with our mission to avoid DROWNING taking action and get your 25 minutes FREE Lesson (Value $49). You will be amazed

Would you like your child to learn a new skill to last a lifetime?

Looking for a fun way to get them active all year round?

Swimming Lessons to Suit All Abilities

Our indoor pool is the perfect environment to learn a skill that will last a lifetime.

With Qualified Instructors who specialize in working with children of all ages and abilities, your little one will receive the individual instruction that will allow them to master the water in no time at all.

A Safe Learning Environment

A professionally staffed indoor pool is a safe and comfortable environment in which your little ones can get active and have fun whilst they learn:

  • Qualified instructors and lifeguards
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • 90 degree heated water enables exercise and enjoyment all year round
  • Entire facility is maintained at 80 degrees to provide a warm and welcoming environment
  • Premium Salt Water system keeps the pool water crystal clear and greatly reduces the chances of skin irritation compared to chlorine pools

The Fastest Way to Learn

Our trained instructors have a wealth of experience that ensures your child is comfortable in the water from the moment they arrive. From there they’ll cater to their individual needs and have them improving each and every session:

  • Give your child the skills that could save their life
  • Increase your child’s self confidence in and out of the water
  • Perfect for the peace of mind that your child will be safe in and around any pool
  • Learn faster indoors by removing distractions like cold water and dazzling sunlight

Flexible Instruction

Our mission is to make it easier for every single child to learn the water skills that will stay with them for the rest of their life. To keep things simple we’re always open so that you never have to worry about fitting swimming lessons into your already busy schedule:

  • Our doors are open 7 days a week, all year round
  • Open from dusk till dawn: perfect for morning or evening sessions
  • Instructors always on hand to discuss your child’s progress

Ready to Get Started?

It doesn’t matter how confident your child is in the water, we’ll make sure they leave with the skills and confidence that they can take with them for the rest of their life.

FREE Lesson

New Swimmers Only

By introducing your little one to the water early you’re joining thousands of parents who have seen their child turn into a water baby in our pool.

As a Thank You, we’re currently running a limited time offer that makes swimming more accessible to all.

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Be Safe in the Water

A Skill That Lasts a Lifetime

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