First, i wanted to say "Thanks!" for signing up for your complimentary swimming lesson.

No matter what stage of swimming ability your child's at, we can't wait to help them get to the next level - and that all starts at your Free Lesson!

We Won't hold anything back at this lesson.

Howeber, just like any other skill, it's impossible to "Get it All" in one lesson. The path to swimming proficiency is one that takes time, practice and patience. I'm not fonna lie and say that one lesson will guarantee your child's ability to swim ... because ...

I believe in complete transparency with my customers.

And for that reason, i wanted to let you know about a ONE-TIME OFFER that happens at the end of the Free Lesson:

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    At the end of your complimentary lesson we’ll talk about where your child’s ability is at, and figure out what your goal is for your child
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    Based on those two things, we’ll show you the best plan of action to achieve the goals you set!
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    And, we’ll give you a chance to save a bunch of money on whatever package you choose.

You can Save up to 50% on the retail cost

In fact, depending on what number of lessons you choose, you can save up to 50% on the retail cost.

(There’s no-hassle if you choose to join us for your free session, but choose not to sign up for our service. There’s no “small print”, and the free lesson is yours… with no strings attached.)


So, if you have a great experience, and believe we can help your child reach swimming proficiency ... you’ll have a chance to save on retail cost!

I’ll see you soon!

Giovanni Cogua

P.S. If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it to your scheduled complimentary session... please respond back to the confirmation text and let us know. We only have a limited number of complimentary sessions we can give each week, and want to make sure all the spaces are taken advantage of!