Help Me With My Mission (Prevent Drownings) and Make Money On The Way

"Lets Be Partners"

Imagine helping me to give the service to thousands of families in different cities.

A local swimming pool with an amazing swimming program.

We share our life saving campaign reminding parents of this very important life saving skill.

By teaching this life saving skill, not only do we prevent drowning and save lives, but we also empower the vision of launching kids toward the competitive world of swimming.

Which in turn leads to high school swim teams, college swim world and then the ultimate goal for many, Olympics! Together, we can make all this happen and on the way you can make money (between 15-35% profit for your investment, per year).

Hi everybody! First of all I want to thank you for being here today , taking time to watch this video, and definitely being interested to help us grow Cogua Aquatics.

The first thing I want to tell you is why I am doing this, so incase you do decide to move forward with this investment, this is why I started .

So my quick story is that when I was around 14 years old, I was invited to my friend’s house in Colombia. Not too many people there have a swimming pool at their house, typically a ranch with animals and that type of stuff.

They had a swimming pool and one thing that caught my attention was that the pool was empty, it had a slide and what looked to be a very nice pool but it was empty.

I asked my friend "how come you has such a cool pool and its empty?"

And he said "well a couple years ago my brother ,a special needs kid, it looked like he was playing with the dog but the dog pushed him in the water and he drowned."

So I really started to think , at 14 years old that really touched my heart and I said I have to do something about it. Later on, I got caught up in life like school , sports, and all those types of stuff that I forgot about the promise I made myself that day.

When I was around 18 years old, I’m a black belt and was national champion in Taekwondo and I had pretty bad injuries in both of my ankles from a tournament.

This lead me to therapy in the water and after 5-10 minutes I would get bored, so tried to learn how to swim.

At some point one for the coaches walked up to me and said "hey, do you want to learn how to swim the proper way?".

I could swim and get across the pool but not with any strokes or anything like that. So I was around 18 years old when I really learned how to swim. To make a long story short , within 6 months I was already swimming with a swim team, although I never competed because my main sport was Taekwondo and I had no intention of changing my sport.

The thing was that I fell in love with swimming and a year later I had an opportunity to start being a swim instructor with special needs children. In that moment it clicked and took me back 4-5 years, when I said “oh thats my purpose”!

I started off from there, I have been teaching since 1992 and I started teaching swimming lessons until now.

Once I got to this beautiful country 20 years ago, that was the first thing I tried to do. I was a personal trainer, I got involved with people that wanted swimming lessons at their houses, soon I found an indoor swimming pool and I realized there was a need.

I also realized that there was not too many indoor swimming pools around, the thing is that it is a little complicated .

You have to know how to get all the permits, how to run the business, and this has been what I have done for the last 13 years.

Now we have 2 locations and we are ready to open our third location.

This is when I want and need your help. I need your help to build these other locations in addition to helping me build my dream. 

IF YOU INVEST IN COGUA AQUATICS LOCATION #3 You will have a 2% of the location for every $10,000 investment with mins is you are goin to get 5% for $25,000 or 10% for $50,000.


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