I have touched on a few topics in these past months that I am sure you found yourself relating to. Time and balance were a few of the key topics I am referring to. I find time and balance to coincide with each other when it comes to daily life and more importantly when it comes to family. I keep referring to this as a reminder to you all because I feel we sometimes forget how important time is and how necessary it is to balance accordingly to enjoy what is in front of us, for example our children.

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Swimming Lessons Chino Hills (Cogua Aquatics) brings you today, valuable information about Autism and Swim Lessons.  Did you know drowning is the leading cause of death for children and adults with autism? At Cogua Aquatics, we have been lucky enough to teach swimming to many kids with special needs.  Our swimming lessons Chino Hills program gives the tools needed to master the skills they’ll need throughout life to stay safe in the water! A privilege we all deserve to own!!


Increase Mental Development Through Swimming Lessons Chino Hills



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Swimming Lessons Chino Hills (Cogua Aquatics) brings to you today, valuable information about child development.  

Many specialists in child brain development have spent endless hours researching how a child’s mind develops from birth to six years of age.  As parents, we continuously seek for ways to enhance this mental development.  Most of us learn as our children grow older.  In this process, we not only learn more about our history and experiences but we also gain a greater insight in the growth process in the lives of our children.  Surprisingly, child development can be impacted before a baby is even born, during the prenatal period. 

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Are Babies Born with the Ability to Swim?

Swimming Lessons Chino Hills: Are Babies Born with the Ability to Swim?


Many parents are skeptical to enroll their babies into swimming lessons chino hills. What they do not know is that their babies have a natural inclination to swim and are endowed with a set of reflexes that can make them appear to be good swimmers. Some of these reflexes include: the dive reflex and the swimming reflex. The dive reflex, also commonly known as the bradycardic response, causes babies to hold their breath and open their eyes when submerged under water. If a parent is unsure if their baby maintains the dive reflex they can test this response by merely blowing into their babies faces and watching as their babies close their eyes and hold their breath. The dive reflex weakens with age but does not completely disappear as many adults have this reflex even though it may not be as prominently exposed. Many experiments have shown that babies under the age of 12 months submerged under water in a “diving” manner do not choke or inhale water. It is beneficial to submerge and introduce babies to the water to ensure that they are not afraid and are used to submerging their face in the water in future swimming lessons.  Parents who prolong getting their babies used to getting their faces wet can actually result in the child creating a fear of water, which in the end can make teaching swimming problematic.

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Children Who Swim Start Smarter

Children Who Swim Start Smarter




Early introduction to swimming is best because infants under the age of one are less likely to have negative attitudes/feelings about the water. Before the age of three or four months, the bathtub is a perfect place for an infant to begin developing a love for water. Learning how to swim at a young age can not only save an infants’ life but also improve many important developmental skills.  Swimming has the potential to increase intelligence, concentration, alertness, and perceptual abilities in infants and toddlers. As stated in a study by Griffith University (2012), “children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many milestones earlier than the norm”.

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2-Year-Old’s Death Renews Pool-Safety Warnings

 Not one of the 100 people in attendance saw or heard the child fall in

Hi this is Giovanni the following ad was sent to me by a friend and it really hit home.  Especially because these types of things can be prevented by following 9 SIMPLE STEPS.

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