Swimming Lessons Chino Hills

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Sophie is 2 years of age.  She is able to swim under water and come up to a back float!  Go Sophie!!

Why it is Important to start swimming lessons at an early age?

To your baby the world has no limits.  As a parent, you see a world of potential hazards. The number of children lost in drowning accidents is an average of 200 per season.  This year there were 172 children (under age 15) who drowned between May 31 and September 6th.  We still have a long way to go to reduce these unfortunate facts.  Another fact is that 95% of the parents think that this will never happen to them. But lets be realistic, the chances of a tragedy such as a drowning accident happening to your family are minimal, not that you should take that risk.

Lets say you are at a pool party. Your small child floats on his back, by himself, or even better he is able to swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy and comes back up to a back float! Then turns to swim to the edge, by himself! And says “lets do it again!”. THAT IS COOL! So you see, it is important to give your child the Confidence and Skills necessary to enjoy swimming, most importantly for aquatic safety and survival. Children 6 months to toddlers should be introduced to swimming and water safety. It could save their lives.


We know your child’s safety is always your first priority.  Whether they know how to swim or not, always remember the very important ABC’s about water safety:

Swimming Lessons Chino Hills

ADULT supervision every single time that they’re in or around the water

BE careful to have safety tools like gates around the pool to prevent access at all times

CLASSES to learn to swim (Safety and Survival) as soon as you can and at the right place


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