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Yes, Swimming can also be a winter activity. We love to swim in the winter at Cogua Aquatics Swim School! You should keep your kids swimming all winter. Here’s why:


Parents may want to bundle up in the winter, but the kids still want to swim! They can still enjoy this summer sport at our indoor facilities. We have made sure you’re comfortable inside our swim school and have a positive fulfilling experience as you watch your little ones enjoy the warm water. There’ll be no shivering while they swim, as we maintain our water temperature at 90 degrees at Cogua Aquatics Swim School.

Because we understand parents’ concerns, we’ve made sure our facilities provide you with comfort and safety. Our showers and change areas help you clean up and stay warm after swim lessons, so you can bundle up nice and dry to head home. We, at Cogua Aquatics Swim School, provide these added comforts for your family’s peace of mind.


We can all agree that kids tend to forget lessons learned in school, during summer break. Then, when they get back to school in the fall, they need to refresh their memory to continue their studies. Same happens with any activity when you take a break. You regress. In swimming, when kids take a break during winter, they undoubtedly will have to spend some time relearning skills as their muscles again get used to the exercise when they go back to the pool.

Practice makes perfect! As you learn any skill or sport, practice and repetition is best to improve and maintain mastered skills. Therefore, continuing swim lessons through the winter helps maintain progress, and of course, improve steadily. Which helps our swimmers stay on track, and continue moving toward their goal without interruption.

3. Get ready for summer!

Winter is the perfect time to prepare for those hot summer days in the pool. Whether you enjoy your pool at home or decide to visit a water park, or the beautiful California beaches, your kids will be prepped and ready to enjoy swimming. The instructors at Cogua Aquatics Swim School are certified to teach swim lessons to swimmers ages 6 months and older. Yes, babies can learn to swim too! Cogua Aquatics Swim School specializes in baby swim lessons. We offer group classes for babies 6 months up to 24 months of age. These group classes are the perfect opportunity to bond with your young swimmer and teach him/her that water is fun and safe.

So you see, whether it’s summer, winter, fall or spring, swimming can always be in your schedule of activities to keep the little ones busy. Swimming is a life-saving skill! A gift for life! Swim lessons are important and necessary. While it’s best to learn as a young child, it is never too late to start. Each lesson focuses on the swimmer’s specific needs and skills with special emphasis on water safety. We guarantee progress and fun! We, at Cogua Aquatics Swim School, strive to make our swim program better every day. We invite you to come and visit us to see what we are all about.

Start swimming now! Cogua Aquatics Swim School’s swim program consists of 6 levels, beginning with our Level 1 (Water and Safety). We teach ages 6 months and older, as well as adults of all ages. Our swim program includes Parent and Me group classes and we also specialize in kids and adults with special needs. We have two locations. Contact us and sign up today!

Introducing our Recognition Award Program: 

We will award Instructors/employees with our CARE (Cogua Aquatics Requires Excellence) Award each month. Chosen every month, per parent preference as well as Employees' votes. 

Our Swimmers will be named Super Swimmer of the month.  Chosen by the CARE recipient!

Please help us by letting us know who your favorite instructor is! 

Our Chino location:

January’s CARE award winner is Miss Vanessa!!!

Vanessa has been with Cogua for over 3 years. We have watched her grow as a person and instructor and are happy to see she’s so well liked by all. Vanessa is a dedicated and caring teacher.  We are proud to have her in our team!

Vanessa’s January  of Super Swimmer is 

Tessa Fernando!

"Tessa Fernando has been swimming with me for a few years now. Tessa is currently four years old, and she is on level three. When Tessa first started swim lessons at Cogua Aquatics, she had a very hard time adjusting to a new environment with a complete stranger. We had lots of tears, lots screaming, I guess we can say it was a rough few weeks. It took me a few lessons to get Tessa to trust me, but once she was able to get over her fears the progress was unbelievable. She is now completely water safe, loves swimming backstroke, and we are currently working on freestyle. This summer, Tessa and her family went on vacation, and I was so excited to hear how much fun they had swimming in Hawaii. Tessa has come a long way, and I feel so lucky to have been part of this journey.” – Miss Vanessa

Our Rancho location:

Rancho’s January CARE award winner is Miss Samantha!!

Sam’s been with Cogua for over a year. She’s mastered our program, and became one of our best in a very short time:)

Her demanding school schedule didn’t allow her to keep a full schedule with Cogua. But we are happy to report, she’s staying once a week because she loves teaching swim lessons!!!

Samantha’s January Super Swimmer is 

Joseph Lopez!

“By his third lesson, he had already passed Level 2 and was quick to learn and pass level 3. I have only had him for a total of three lessons and he has only been swimming for a total of four lessons so far. By his third lesson he had already passed level 2 and was quick to learn and pass level three within a class and a half. The last class I had with him he started learning breaststroke and has been quick to catch on to that as well. He has been a great learner and does everything asked to the best of his abilities. He stays focused throughout class but manages to have fun and keep a smile on his face throughout it all.” – Miss Samantha


We keep growing! Thanks to all our families that support us, we have grown over the years. As you know, we opened our 2nd location last March and are now enrolling swimmers year round in Rancho Cucamonga.

The great news this 2018 year, is that we are expanding our Chino location! We are currently under construction, our target open date is 3/31/18! We will definitely keep you posted and can’t wait to share our new pool with you and your family!! Thank you for your continued support!


It’s very important to us, at Cogua Aquatics, that you are aware of our schedule structure so you can get the best from our swim lessons, because you deserve it! Out private and semi private and small group (Parent and Me) swim lessons are always 25 minutes and our large group swim lessons (3 years and up) are always 50 minutes.

Instructors are given 10 minutes every hour to evaluate each swimmer. You are open to ask about the progress of the day. If you ever feel the progress is not as you expect, please send an email to us requesting that Giovanni assists during the next lesson. Help us keep you happy!


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