Hi, this is Giovanni CEO of Cogua Aquatics.

Thank you for your interest in our swim school.

We appreciate your help to keep your child safe in the water.

We will call you back within 48 hours from your receipt of this email to help you schedule the complimentary introductory swim lesson offered to all new swimmers.

Once you set up your introductory swim lesson, please make sure that:

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    You attend the scheduled lesson OR if for any reason you cannot make it, please let us know, as spots are limited which is why we want you to take advantage of the offered day and time.
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    Swimmer must wear a swim suit, bring a towel and wear shoes while on deck.
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    If your child is not yet potty trained, please have him/her wear a swim diaper. If your baby is under 2 years old, and you are not attending a group lesson, one parent should come ready to go in the water, if needed. Please keep in mind, it may not be the water they fear. Often times, it is the instructor (who is a stranger). Your child may need you for the first few lessons until they become acclimated and comfortable at our school.
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    This is a complimentary swim lesson. You are under no obligation to purchase. However, if you like our water program, instruction and location, the day of this introductory lesson is the best day to purchase, because you will receive discounts that will not apply after your introductory lesson date.

Thank you again, we will be sure you have a great swim experience.