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The many benefits of baby swimming lessons…

There are many benefits of baby swim lessons Chino Hills.  We know, it may be nerve wrecking for some parents to consider introducing swimming lessons for their babies. Actually, infants can start swimming from birth!  Once you decide to start your baby’s lessons, please do keep in mind pool temperature is very important, as babies can chill easily.  You can start your baby from the time he’s three months old.  Although, some programs start them as of six months of age.  A great way to prepare your baby for swimming lessons is to use bath time at home! You can get him used to water splashing around him, he will enjoy it!  Then move on to pouring water over his head.  If you do this consistently, it’ll help you both when you begin your lessons.  To make it fun, try singing and providing toys in the tub.  The idea is to show him that water is fun and safe!

Here are 4 Benefits of baby swim lessons:

  1. Special Bonding with your baby: This special one-on-one time with your baby is priceless! The relaxing warm water and guidance from the instructor will be the perfect setting to bond with your baby, while teaching him that water is safe and fun! Swim lessons for babies can be private or group (up to 5 babies per instructor). Whichever you choose, the swim lessons will incorporate songs and teaching of skills that are a gift for life!
  2. Confidence for both parent and baby: Swimming builds confidence by providing security and safety. As adults, you may pass on your uneasiness of water to your child because you may not be a confident swimmer.  Providing lessons will teach your baby he’s safe in and around water and as an added bonus, you can become confident too!
  3. Helps develop sense of touch: Water is a tactile element which makes pools the perfect environment to develop the sense of touch due to the constant water pressure on the body which provides many benefits. Research shows that learning to swim early leads to better cognitive and linguistic development. Click here to learn how early swimming promotes early development
  4. Gift for life: Yes, Swimming lessons can give kids the necessary tools to save their own life. As with any sport, swimming requires practice to improve skills and master the swim strokes AND It’s great exercise and lots of fun! Making sure your child takes swim lessons is a win-win for all.  Your kids are water safe and you have peace of mind knowing they’re strong swimmers, keeping in mind they should never be left unattended, even if they know how to swim!

Ways to join and start swimming with your baby:

  1. You can click here to get more information on how to enroll directly with us.
  2. Join our local Mom’s club. Most communities have Mom’s groups that provide a social outlet for stay at home moms and moms who work part-time.  These groups offer monthly activities such as playgroups, weekly park days and field trips.  Some moms seek these clubs to find ways to join activities to share with their children. We at Cogua Aquatics are introducing our Parent and Me group lessons as a possible group activity for the local Mom’s groups. Click here to join our local groups.  Hope to meet you soon!!


Rancho’s May CARE Award goes to Sarah!

I love teaching at Cogua because swim is my passion.  I played water polo and swim in high school and college. I love to help kids fall in love with swim like I did.  I am also the head coach for water polo and swim at Chino High School and I hope to be a college coach eventually! ~ Miss Sarah

Sarah’s super swimmer of the month is Neil Patel!

Neil works super hard and is always wanting to get better and improve so he can move on to the next level. He just passed Level 5 and is on to Level 6! ~Miss Sarah

CHINO’S May CARE Award goes to WILL!

My name is Will, a seniot at Damien High School.  Along with water polo and being a class representative I love teaching and working with both kids and parents to help them acquire a very important, life saving skill.  I enjoy teaching my kids and will miss everyone when In go off to Santa Clara University for my freshmen year of college. ~Will

WILL’S super swimmer of the month is NAOMI ZHANG!

Naomi Zhang is a pleasure to teach as she is a great listener and always patient. She comes in ready to learn and although she is naturally quiet she is very smart and willing to learn. Watching her grow and overcome her fears is a great part of my Saturdays.~Will


To continue our effort in improving our service, we have sent a survey to parents to find out areas we need to improve and also areas we are already successfully delivering! We are reviewing all answers to identify the items we need to address! We thank you for your support!


The importance of getting your kids ready to attend swim lessons.  Teaching them that water is safe! and fun! Part of our swim program includes giving you videos that will help you and make lessons successful for the entire family! Enjoy our video!


For parents from us at Cogua!
As parents some of us may lose sight of our wellbeing as we dedicate ourselves to our children! Cogua full heartedly believes 100% in motivation, positivity, organization, giving, happiness, success (wealth)! We’d like to contribute and share videos, ideas and overall silliness that can help us all achieve our true happiness. For ourselves! We will raise our children to become responsible, self sufficient HAPPY individuals! Then what? Well, we must be sure to work on ourselves during this child raising period of our lives, for us! Let’s lead by example and find the beauty in all we do. Working Through tough times at work and home is great! It’s growing! It’s life! As long as we keep ourselves strong and growing every day, we will be prepared for anything that comes our way!
“We become what we think about!” ~Earl Nightingale
Here’s s great video to listen to and share with our kids! Make it a great Day!

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