Kids can drown in the winter too!

Children drown without a sound in just a few seconds. Even more alarming is that drowning can occur with a household full of adults and kids. The unfortunate presumption that someone else is watching, can prove tragic. We need your help with Cogua Aquatics’ mission, and commitment, to the water safety of our community.

The silent killer, as the media calls it, CAN be stopped!

As a parent, pool owner, responsible adult, here are steps to follow to ensure water safety:

  1. Follow ABCs of pool safety
  2. Ensure you have Four-sided Fencing around your pool
  3. Keep your swimming pool up to code: anti entrapment device and safety drain covers
  4. Keep all pool toys stored as it can be tempting for kids who will more than likely want to jump in and play
  5. 100% Supervision is a MUST. Do Not EVER leave your kids unattended in or near any pool, even if they know how to swim.
  6. Swim lessons, swim lessons, swim lessons… We all needs tools to succeed!
  7. Start lessons as early as possible. Most schools start as young as 6 months old
  8. Swim Schools should give you an idea as to the time it takes to master the needed skills.  Swimming process for ages 1-6 can take 3 to 6 months, which makes Winter the best time to get ready for Summer!
  9. Find a year round, indoor, salt water, heated pool with qualified instructors and a great swim program to ensure a great experience.  We know a great place that is a great fit! and they offer a free trial lesson!! LOL
  10. Be sure to continue the lessons, until you are sure your kids have mastered the skills and have become real swimmers

We know this is a lot of information!  However, we hope we clearly explain the urgency of the matter.  Please give your children the best gift, the gift of water survival! We don’t hear as much about those who survive drowning incidents. Unfortunately, kids who survive near drowning incidents will more than likely be left with life-long health issues, as a result.

We all know, as parents, we are responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure safety for our kids at all times. This is why we provide car seats when driving with our kids. Cogua Aquatics believes that swimming is just as important of a life skill as putting your child in a car seat.



Here’s an awesome study to help you understand: Safety Case control study concludes that participation in swim lessons is associated with 88% reduction in risk of drowning in children ages 1-4.

Fact: Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death among kids ages 14 and under
  • Kids, ages 1-4, most commonly drown in swimming pools at home
  • Kids, ages 5 – 14, most common drowning incidents occur in public pools
Critical that caregivers understand:

Yes, we are saying the same thing AGAIN! But it’s your precious treasures we are talking about!!!

  • Drowning is Silent! You will not hear if your child is in trouble in the water. Keep your eyes on your kids when they are in the water
  • Drowning is Quick! There’s very little time to react. Do not leave your child unattended for any amount of time.  Stay close at all times.
  • Swim lessons are essential! But supervision is always necessary.
  • Even kids who know how to swim can drown! Swim skills are developed and improved over time. As with any sport, swimming requires practice.

What does all this have to do with Winter? It seems, as we transition from our Summer fun to Winter cold, we may think the risk of drowning no longer exists. However, it is our responsibility to ensure our pools are kept safe and fenced year-round. We must all help to reduce child drowning in our residential pools by constructing and maintaining proper barriers around our pools to prevent children from accessing the area. At the end of Summer, remember to store all pool items. Leaving toys, noodles or rafts in the pool area is tempting for kids who will more than likely want to jump in and play, regardless of the cold climate! Also remove anything a child can use to climb up and over the fence. Pools are dangerous no matter what the weather is like. We must be aware, and give safety around the pool it’s deserved importance, all year-round!


February CARE awards!

Celebrating Sergio!!

February CARE award goes to Sergio!  Sergio has been with us for over 4 years.  He came to work with us when we first started years back! Sergio mastered our swim procedures, and continuously helps improve our lessons and overall program.  He is an awesome instructor, mainly because he cares!  He is patient and genuinely enjoys his time with each of his students.  So, it has been no surprise that he’s been chosen as our CARE award recipient for both locations by parents and students!

Sergio’s Super Swimmer of the month is Jayden Chang!

February’s Swimmer of the Month!!
Jayden is swimmer of the month for his outstanding performance in swimming. At 7 years old, Jayden is swimming all four strokes and is also in our most advanced level. Jayden always comes to his lesson eager to learn and ready give it his all in his laps. Jayden is attentive to instruction and is always looking to improve and be a better swimmer. He has recently made great improvements in his butterfly stroke, and although it can be challenging, Jayden always keeps swimming.  Congratulations Jayden and keep up the great work!
Fun facts about Jayden: “Jayden enjoys playing basketball and he recently lost his two front teeth, one while playing basketball. lol” – Sergio

New change to come: We will give each swimmer an ID number to use to check in each time they swim.  This would be instead of signing the sign in sheets.  We will send an announcement once we are ready to launch!

Also, as promised, to keep you informed, we patiently await the finishing of our expansion, still with our target open date being 3/31/18! Can’t wait to share our new pool with you and your family!! Thank you for your continued support!





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