Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you our amazing swim program and teach your swimmer this very essential life saving skill! Before you arrive, we’d like to share five tips that will help you make the most of our complimentary swim lesson.

#1 What to bring

All swimmers must wear a swimsuit. For little ones still in diapers, we do require them to wear swim diapers. You can purchase swim diapers at your local Walmart or Target, or for our digital shoppers, Amazon. Please also be sure to pack a towel and sandals. For your child’s safety we do ask that shoes are worn at all times while on deck. If you wish to use our showers, don’t forget body wash and shampoo.


#2 Your little one may require your support

If your swimmer is under 2 years of age, we suggest one parent be prepared to go into the water to help us introduce this new and exciting world to your child. In the event your little one needs some support, we recommend that you bring a swimsuit. We have a changing room, just in case you need it.


#3 Arrive early if you can

When you arrive please check-in with our front desk so we may introduce you to your swim instructor. After introductions, we will ask that you complete our waiver form before your child enters the water. Showing up at least 5-minutes early will help ensure your swimmer enjoys the full 25-minute swim lesson.


#4 Your 25-minute evaluation

During your maximum 25-minute lesson, our trained instructors will evaluate the skill level of your swimmer
within our swim program. This evaluation will help us identify the starting point for your swimmer to join our swim school.


#5 Special offer

Remember, there’s no obligation to purchase. Upon the completion of your lesson, we would like to make you aware of a one-time offer.  By joining our swim school and making your purchase on the day of your complimentary lesson, you’ll receive a one-time offer of 4 free swim lessons (VALUE $120). If interested, please ask us for details.

We are very excited to meet you and your swimmer! We hope you enjoy your complimentary swim lesson, offered to all new swimmers.

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